Respond ReNU

Who We Are

Respond ReNU (Restoring Northern Uganda) is a Community Based Organisation (registration no. 1763) which has been operating within Gulu Municipality since February 2008. We are a small but very dedicated team focused on development and improving living standards. Our office is located on Plot 108 Acholi Road, Pece, Gulu.

Our Vision

“Respond ReNU sees a world free from exploitation of the poor.”

Our Mission

Respond ReNU works to build local capacity to enable community members to improve their own standards of living. We do this through providing training in income generating activities and saving skills. We also encourage individuals to work together in groups for the benefit of all members.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the solution for community problems begin with the community members themselves. We can only help by providing training and giving direction, the leadership and work to solve these problems must come from within the community.

Current Programs

  • Community Outreach
    • Self-Help Group Project – SHG

  • Vulnerable Persons Empowerment Program
    • Income Generating Activity Project – IGAP
    • Adopt a Child Project – AchP

Community Outreach

Self Help Group Project (SHG)

The self help group project has been operating in Northern Uganda since February 2008. The project works to encourage saving among all members of the community.

In this project group members meet once a week. At these meetings each member contributes their weekly savings. After a few weeks members can apply to other group members for a loan to invest in their business. This money must be returned to the group with interest at a date agreed upon by the group.

We work with both established and newly formed groups. We train each group in book writing, saving skills, policy setting, lending procedures and loan management. We also provide the materials necessary to keep the savings secure and to keep clear transparent records.

Vulnerable Persons Empowerment Program

Child Mothers – Income Generating Activity Project (IGAP)

The project is divided into two phases.

Phase I:

The first phase provides direct employment to Child Mothers. The women are employed for eight months to make bead necklaces and bracelets from recycled paper. The women receive a monthly salary, 25% of which is put into a savings account. This savings is then used as seed capital, to help the women set up businesses, in the second phase. The women also receive business management and handcraft skills training, as well as English speaking and literacy courses.

Phase II:
In the second phase the women decide on the businesses they want to become involved in. They develop a business plan which we review and advise them on. They then use their savings to invest in starting up their businesses. The project manager, Fiona Oromah, meets with each member once a month to monitor their progress and to provide any additional support where appropriate.

The Income Generating Activity Project began in February 2008. The first phase was completed in October and so far progression onto the second phase has been very successful.

Adopt a Child Project

Respond ReNU also help to organise a Child Sponsorship Program for the children of the Child Mothers with the Income Generating Activity Program.

Sponsors are found in Hungry through our partner African Hungarian Union. The sponsors commit to paying the school fees of a child for two years. Respond ReNU handle all the administration on the ground and facilitate for communications between the child and the sponsor.

All 67 children of the ladies in the Income Generating Activity currently have sponsorship.